Is Co-Working The New Black in 2017? 5 Reasons It May Probably Be

Have you heard of shared workspaces recently? I bet you have!

A few years back, no one would have heard about shared-offices, aka co-working. The concept of co-working has recently taken a fast turn, with more and more people welcoming it with open arms. In fact, according to many surveys, it has come to light that the co-working market currently stands at around $15.75 billion. That’s quite a figure, isn’t it?

Co-working is being embraced by entrepreneurs, independent experts and more importantly freelancers. After all, it gives people the room to broaden their perspectives, capitalize from a pool of mixed talent and enjoy all that with a healthy work/life balance.

So, is co-working really going to become the new norm in 2017? Here are some of the main reasons why the new concept of sharing office spaces would skyrocket in this year and beyond.

  • According to surveys, it is found that around 71% of workers say that co-working helps them be more creative. The burst of creativity is an essential need in the professional world to thrive and survive the cut-throat competition. If you experience frequent bursts of creativity flowing through your neurons, you can formulate better solutions, come up with better strategies and likewise tap the potential hidden within you. By surrounding yourself with people who are creative, efficient decision-makers or problem solvers, you can add more value to your current understanding of your field.
  • With creativity comes innovation. Shared office space means a shared-professional-communal setting. Co-working allows individuals to work in close-quarters with other businesses or professionals. This healthy communal setting gives workers a better opportunity to explore new concepts, experiment with new ideas and innovate something out of the box. Such professional spaces are best for people who are fine with blending with talents from other fields and respecting their ideas and perspectives.
  • The main advantage of a co-working office space is the level of collaboration that one could never experience even in a large organization. Co-working gives people the freedom to collaborate with talents they think they may very well tag along. And not only do they play well with others but also take their time in collaborating with the others in their free or extra timing. In fact, studies reveal that over 50% of workers opt for co-working only because of productive collaboration or interaction. Moreover, with the advent of unified communications solutions, collaboration has become more convenient than ever. With tools like video conferencing or IP phones, people can work or collaborate with others no matter how far they are from each other.
  • Perhaps, the primary reason why people, especially entrepreneurs, would want to work in share-offices is because of a professional space. You can’t make big clients from your home garage. You need a professional workspace where you can invite clients to discuss their project which you can get when you work in shared spaces. Share offices are also fairly cost-effective than private office spaces.
  • Among the many benefits of sharing a workplace is work/life balance. Working from home may sound great to some but when in real life it is also quite difficult. After all, you work to earn bread and butter for your family and to earn that you have to put aside the family life and get things done. Likewise, working in office requires one to be time-bound and when a deadline-centric project comes, you have to sit beyond your regular timing and hence you sacrifice your other life in the process. However, in co-working one can not only find a place to focus all his energy on getting a project or task done but also one doesn’t need to be time-bound like in office routine.

Co-working is the rising office trend in 2017 and by the number of benefits it has to offer, it seems that the trend would survive for a prolong period.