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Why Businesses Prefer Some IP Phones Over Others

IP phones are the most preferred choice of business telephones in the current era. After all, these phones are built to streamline business communication. Moreover, the new age telephone system offers better cost savings than the old-age, analog network.

However, when it comes to choosing a phone for your organization, you are provided with a plethora of choices. You would probably find every vendor of IP phones saying that every IP phone is different. Well, that is quite true!

With the progress in cloud technologies, VoIP has also moved to the cloud and become more feature rich than ever. Today, IP phones are fairly easier to use, have more functionalities to offer and become highly cost effective.

In fact, 2017 has become the year when there is no stoppage in the proliferation of new and improved IP phones. There are now more manufacturers and vendors providing customers with customizable UC or VoIP solutions.

New Features in Latest IP Phones

With the advent of IP phones, we have move far away from basic dialer phones, simple voicemails or buttons. Today, we have more functions and features available at our disposal. Let’s take a look at some of the newer features that today’s IP phones have to offer.

  • Seamless compatibility with smartphones or tablets
  • Highest security layers such as AES encryption
  • Browser-based and app-based capability
  • Integration with third-party platforms or applications
  • And many more.

Apart from different features and capabilities, IP phones also vary in models or versions that are built for meeting the different needs of businesses.

High-End IP Phones: These phones are built exclusively for executive users. Executive level IP phones come with diverse types of media support, touch-based interface or screens, high definition audio and video, multi-SIP accounts, multi-way conferencing, and more features.

Mid-Level IP Phones: These phones come under the high-end phones because these are built for the people below the executive level, i.e., manager level. The Mid-range IP phones offer all the right features and functionalities that a corporate manager would want to communication with the employees or off-premise workforce.

Basic-Level IP Phones: As the name suggests, these phones are built to cater to the everyday need of big or small businesses. You can find basic-level IP phones in cafés, hotels, office floors, and etc.

Apart from the IP phones range listed above, there are also some IP phones that offer features that cater to businesses that have to deal with high-volume of calls. For instance, call centers require IP phones that are capable of handling high volume of call recording, monitoring, and queue management.

Some IP phones come with open source capability that allows the users to customize the phone as per their needs. However, not every user can program an open source IP Phone. It requires the professional expertise and know-how of IT experts.

Things to Know When Selecting an IP Phone

The first and foremost thing you need to decide when picking IP phones for your company is that do you even need all the features and functionalities. Or, do you need only those features that are necessary. It is best to go with the latter and scale your IP telephony needs as your business or your needs grow.

Secondly, what sort of IP phone capabilities your employees need to get the job done. If they can be productive with a handful of IP phone functions, a basic IP phone would do fine. Likewise, you also need to decide if your company needs a certain feature or not such as a video conference capability. You also need to plan it ahead that how many extensions you would need.


Certainly, there is no shortage of features and functionalities that latest IP phones have to offer. However, it is up to your company’s needs what type of IP phone it would require.

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