video conferencing tips

Follow These Important Tips for Better Video Conferencing Experience

Long gone are the days, when video technologies such as video phones and other dedicated systems seemed to be a work of fiction only. However, when we fast forward to the current era, we experience that video conferencing is taken as a regular activity of today’s workforce.

When it comes to video conferencing technology, the benefits don’t seem to cease. Video conferencing can

  • Modernize communication system. According to a survey, more than half percentage of today’s workforce says that the technology reduces the traffic from emails.
  • Reduce traveling cost. Over 60% of the workforce prefer more participating in a meeting virtually than going all the way to a physical location.
  • Trim down the overall cost. Since employees prefer virtual meetings than face to face, there is a significant reduction in travel cost.

Regardless of its seemingly unending benefits, a good number of the workforce isn’t comfortable with it. One of the common reasons is lack of familiarity with the technology.

Always Check Your Equipment

When you buy a video conferencing system for your business, it is always advisable to get yourself familiarized with it such as how the camera works, or how the system needs to be set up. When you have a complete understanding of your system, you would be able to properly check the system before every video conference.

The Background Should be Free from Distraction

While checking the camera of the video conferencing system, it is highly imperative that you make sure that the background doesn’t seem distracting. If there is unnecessary imagery in the background, it is better to remove it. Likewise, if there is any clutter of distracting stuff in the background, remove that as well. It is also important to remove things from the background that might reflect light towards the camera.

Check Out Your Dressing

Regardless of where you are video conferencing from, be it home or office, it is suggested that your dressing need to be neat and impressive. Never join a video conference in your sleeping pajama pants, etc. Secondly, dress in a way that you don’t need to worry about any wardrobe malfunction.

Introduce Properly

Treat video conference as a face to face meeting and likewise introduce yourself properly.

Don’t Multitask While Video Conferencing

It is not proper manners to start doing a different work in the middle of a discussion with someone. Same is the case with video conferencing. It is better to not do anything else while you are in a virtual meeting room such as typing a message, reading a text on your phone, or performing some other task.

Speak Very Clearly

Take a virtual meeting as seriously as a face to face conference. Keep your voice clear and speak properly when leading the meeting. It is also important that you use the mute button when not speaking. This will allow you to cut the background noises from the meeting, and ultimately keep things professional.