Learn How You Can Make Presentations Short & Compelling

In business meetings, be it small or boardroom meetings, presenting your ideas or strategies in the manner they are consumed easily is pretty important. For that you need the right presentation skills.

Presentations play an important part in meetings and conferences. They are visual presentation of information and hence they are easy to digest and remember. Moreover, presentations attract more than plain discussions.

Another thing is that making presentations visually appealing and concise isn’t everyone’s forte. In fact, there are dedicated services that have a full-fledged team of experts to create compelling presentations.

However, regardless of how well you design a presentation or making it visually appealing, unless you deliver it the right way, all your efforts or money would be a waste.

Read ahead as this article will enfold some quick insights into making presentations to the point, powerful and engaging.

Organize it by Breaking It Down

Presentations are usually filled up with a clutter of information. Every slide you view seems a bit disconnected with the rest. To overcome the problem, organize the information in your presentation by breaking it down. For instance, you need to deliver a presentation on a solution to a complex problem. You can break the presentation into the Problem, then the Current Scenario and then the Suggested Solution. By breaking the theme of the message into chunks, you make your presentation easy to follow and remember. Moreover, you can then summarize those points in the conclusion so that the audience can retain the information.

Keep it to a Minimum

Presentations are not something you just show it to the audience and you are done there. Each slide you show, you explain it to the audience and that takes time. Moreover, if you have allowed the audience to ask questions between each slide, it would take even longer. Plus, the more the slides the more difficult it would get for you to keep the audience in the retention zone. The best way to do it is by limiting the number of slides in the presentation. It can also help you keep the presentation under the time limit.

Use Visual than Text

Presentation is appealing as long as it is presented in a visual form. As soon as you start adding text to it and large chunks of text in that you make the presentation boring. Instead of adding text based information, add visual content to the presentation. For instance you can show figures or data in the form of charts or a pie graph. You can add quotes to the presentation to convey a message. Moreover, visuals are the best aspects of a presentation that can keep the audience engaged and help them retain the information.

Run a Mockup Presentation

It is important to practice the presentation beforehand so that you can overcome the uneasy feeling that is usually occurred during a presentation. By running a practice session or a mockup, you will also be able to identify the areas where you might stutter or the areas that need to be given added explanation or a concise presentation.

Add Q/A in the End

Though there is no hard and fast rule when you should keep the Q/A session, it would be wise to run the session at the end of the presentation. When you conduct the Q/A during the presentation between each slide, you may not be able to keep your focus on the theme and you might drift away from the focal subject. Moreover, by the end of the presentation the audience is completely aware of the overall subject and they are able to prepare their questions accordingly.