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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Embrace Video Conferencing Early

A few years ago, employers tend to take video conferencing as a tool that could help them reduce the cost of travel. Lately, companies have come to realize that video conferencing can bring more benefits to the organization than simply cost reduction.

If it is implemented in the right manner using the right resources, video conferencing can contribute to the company’s growth and business opportunities.

Employers are looking for more opportunities to tackle the cutting-edge competition to acquire the right talent. By embracing the right technology for effective communication, employers can better identify the right opportunities, execute best initiatives and increase productivity.

Video conferencing is that “right technology”!

Though many business still haven’t welcomed VC as the standard means of communication, but with the changing work culture and the millennial workforce, things are changing. Let’s take a look at some of the important reasons why VC should be brought into the organization early.

Better Team Bonding

It is believed that more than 50% of the business communication is non-verbal. By adding video conferencing to the inventory, it can offer a bigger advantage to businesses. The technology can make team bonding better and stronger. In fact, it is observed from surveys that more than 80% of the remote workforce stays it feels “more connected” to the team.

By using VC technology, employers can keep the on-site and remote team on the same page. The teams can easily get in touch with each other when required.

Improved Collaboration

A diverse team can translate into a team with a wide range of talent. VC allows businesses to reduce the location barrier and hire more talent. The technology can bring more efficient collaboration and as a result more productivity. Just like poor communication can negatively affect the business, efficient communication (i.e., video conferencing) can reduce the risk and instead enhance collaboration.

For instance, multitasking can be a distracting aspect that can be reduced through video conference, as it encourages the participants to focus. Moreover, participants can better view each other facial expression and body language which adds to the success of the video collaboration.

Instant Problem Solver

One of the biggest challenges companies face with dealing with their customers is problem solving. Simple problems with a product can be solved over a phone call. However, when it comes to resolving a technical issue with the product, technical expertise is required. Plus, the customer support would also require a means to convey the resolution effectively to the users. Video conferencing can bridge the gaps here.

Drive Talented Individuals

Many studies point to the fact that the millennial generation prefers to work remotely. Therefore, video conferencing makes an effective tool for employers to utilize. The tool allows employers to save their time with the talent hiring and screening, thereby attracting top talents regardless of the distance barrier.

Affordable Solution

One of the many reasons why employers love VC technology is that it is a cost-effective solution. For instance, VC allows managers to save the traveling cost by conducting virtual meetings. It also allows managers to save up on the VC infrastructure cost as more and more solutions are coming in cloud networks.