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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Conduct Regular Online Meetings

Online meetings or web conferencing are gaining popularity at a rapid speed. Not only employees but also managers are validating the necessity, significance and the evolving future of the VC technology.

There is a reason why 75% of managers believe that in the near future the video conferencing (web conferencing) technology will replace the traditional conference calls.

If we take a look at past few decades, people would have to be physically present in the office to attend a conference. Moreover, participants would have to travel all the way to the branch or HQ to attend an important all-executive exclusive meeting. In those days, it was hectic for not only the host but also the participants of the meetings as it involved continuous traveling expense, time consumption and more.

Video conferencing brought with it a whole lot of benefits that relieve the pain points of both the host and the meetings participants.

However, if you think that time and cost savings are the only benefits that online meetings have to offer, you are wrong. The two benefits don’t define the true potential of online meetings.

Let’s take a look at some of the important reasons why regular online meetings are important.

Improves Internal Communication

Usually employees carry out their day to day work individually and get little time to share their ideas or discuss things with the others unless when it is necessary. Online meetings bring an ultimate teamwork experience to the table. It allows participants to sit together and discuss their ideas with each other, brainstorm on solutions for complex problems and do much more. More importantly, by conducting collaboration and brainstorming sessions through online meetings on a regular basis, the team gets to improve communication across the group. The team can work on problems or present new ideas with ease all thanks to the 21st century features that today’s video conferencing has to offer such as screen sharing, content sharing, etc.

Keeps the Users Engaged

Another most important aspect of online meetings is that it keeps the participants engaged. In traditional conferences which are conducted on telephone calls, there is high probability that the person on the other side of the phone might not be completely engaged and may be multi tasking. However, many researches and surveys have proved that during online video conferences people are not usually engaged in any multitasking activity. After all, visual information is more engaging and it attracts the mind more than the oral information.

Promotes Flexibility in the Workplace

Before the advent of video conferencing or the trend of online meeting, people were bound to the cubicles of their workplace. However, as the technology fully matured, people no longer are bound to their workplace boundaries. Participants from any location or any region of the country or the world can easily join conferences and be a regular member of routine meetings. The very aspect of the VC technology is beneficial beyond meetings. For instance, by using the VC for recruitment, the recruiters can hire a great number of talents from any country and increase their company’s productivity.

Increases Productivity

There are a number of ways VC improves the productivity of the team at a workplace. For instance, screen sharing is one such feature that allows the participants to collaborate on a project and share presentations across the team while everyone enter their inputs in real time.

Final Words

Regular online meetings may sound a bit hectic at first but with the right VC technology, companies can make a lot out of it.

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