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security surveillance system maintenance

5 Security Surveillance Systems Maintenance Tips

As long as there are people who harbor the ill intention of harming others for personal gain, the crime rate would not come down. The only way to fight back and protect your property, your business assets or your family is by installing a reliable security surveillance system. Surveillance cameras

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ip cameras

Need IP Camera For Your Home or Business? Follow These Tips

The industry of CCTV cameras has grown over the years, and not just in terms of revenue but also technology. Now, we have more advanced and feature-rich cameras that allow us to keep strict surveillance of our personal or corporate assets from anywhere around the globe. Yes, we are talking

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ip camera security

5 Tips on Reinforcing the Security of Your IP Cameras

Do you remember watching any movie where an organized criminal group hacks into an IP camera network of a company to vandalize its property or stole its assets? Indeed movies usually depict fictional stories or drama but sometimes there is always some part of it which is based on reality.

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