Grandstream IP Cameras & HD Video Conferencing Systems In Pakistan

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About Grandstream

IMAGETECH is the authorized partner and direct distributor of Grandstream Networks Inc., in Pakistan. The pioneers in introducing Grandstream’s revolutionary high definition video conferencing GVC series in Pakistan.

Grandstream Networks Inc., headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is not only a forerunner but a leader in unified communications since 2002. Their product range includes a wide variety of IP phones, IP videophones, IP surveillance cameras, Gateways and ATAs, IP PBX, and Full High Definition video conferencing systems.

Grandstream products and services have proven track record of quality, reliability and affordability. The constant drive for innovation has helped the company to continue being an unrivalled leader. One of the most innovative and groundbreaking solutions in high definition video conferencing is Grandstream’s GVC system. It offers unprecedented flexibility for support of multiple protocols like H.323, SIP or simple Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi right out of the box. Connecting via Skype or Hangout is just a click away.

With its ever expanding global presence, Grandstream is now officially in Pakistan through IMAGETECH

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