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Video Conferencing in Pakistan for a long time had been idling on redundancy. IMAGETECH Solution’s introduction of Vidyo Inc., opened the gateway towards integrated video communications across platforms and partnerships with service providers, corporate sector and many other sectors such as Health, Education, and Oil & Gas etc.


Reliability, performance and scalability - the backbone of seamless, crystal clear high definition video conferencing always depend upon state of the art infrastructure components.
Vidyo’s infrastructure delivers routing, interoperability solutions, a management system for recording and webcasting solutions. Free from dependency to high cost hardware and connections, Vidyo allows you to connect to your own devices and hardware supporting and prolonging the benefits of use.

The Brains of the Vidyo Infrastructure
VidyoRouter is unlike any MCU which may cause bottlenecks and create a stress induced conferencing experience. VidyoRouter optimizes video streams to each and every conference participant providing them with a lag free and seamless experience.
Vidyo Routing
  • Resolutions matching up to 4k at 60fps per endpoint.
  • Maximum capacity of 150 HD connections per physical appliance or 100 connections per virtual appliance.
  • Maintains HD conferences over links with diverse bandwidths and up to 20 packet losses.
  • Allow multiple participants in a conference.
  • Dynamic adaptions allows optimization of quality and bandwidth efficiency for all conference participants.
  • Support hundreds or thousands of more concurrent connections by upgrading capacity easily.
  • Support conferences from any endpoint such as conference rooms, computers and mobile devices.
  • The transcode free technology eliminates latency.
Management made easy on all levels
The VidyoPortal works along with the VidyoRouter to provide and enterprise level management tool available through a browser based interface for ease of use. Administrators get to work easily due to the flexibility and control options provided. All the while the end users find it simple and easy to manage their own conferences.
Vidyo Portal
  • Create policies for bandwidth, user accounts, or groups with complete ease.
  • Set access level from end users to super administrators.
  • Option for improving security with support for AES encryption.
  • Hot standby support for enhanced resilience.
  • Manage Vidyo components in a centralized environment.
  • It comes with a self-service interface where users can host, join and moderate conferences without any IT support.
  • Active Directory integration.
  • Distribute software, moderate conferences and create new reservation less meetings rooms all from a single console.
  • Manages endpoint software upgrades and licensing capacity.
Interoperability that is Flexible and Affordable
VidyoGateway allows you to extend and use third-party video and audio endpoints. Extend the life and usage of your already existing H.323 and SIP based systems. It delivers participants resolutions up to 1080p@30fps. Easy to deploy and manage.
Vidyo Gateway
  • Integrate H.323 and SIP based endpoints. Includes support for H.239 and BFCP content sharing.
  • Resolutions up to 1080p @30fps.
  • Improve capacity and resilience through supporting load balancing, clustering and failover.
  • Available as physical or virtual servers.
  • Host conferences with third party room systems inside and outside the organization.
  • An opportunity to extend the life of existing hardware equipment.
  • Interoperability with third party conferencing end points.
  • Video streams from H.264/AVC more resilient to packet losses.
Record and Stream with a click
VidyoReplay allows viewers to watch conferences on their desktops or mobile devices in real-time or any time after a conference. Providing high quality video and shared content.
Vidyo Reply
  • Record conferences even the shared content along with audio and video from all the participants.
  • Stream live conferences or recordings on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Download the recordings in .mp4 file format to edit with standard tools.
  • Improve resilience and capacity by supporting failover, clustering and load balancing.


Empowering you by putting you in control of your own HD quality conferences.
It runs on devices you already own, from your smartphones to tablets, desktops to conference room systems.

Connecting devices you already own
VidyoDesktop extends HD quality video conferencing to Mac, Windows and Linux computers allowing users to participate in meetings and conferences from their own offices, homes or even from on the road.
Vidyo Desktop
  • Ultra HD 4K support and multiple full high definition participants.
  • Diverse user-choice layouts for active speakers, continuous presence and content sharing.
  • Supported on Mac, Windows, Linux and select virtual desktop environments.
  • In conference private and public chat (text).
  • Share any app or desktop into a conference and toggle between diverse streams of shared content.
  • Far end camera control of Vidyo and third party group solutions.
  • Host conferences and meetings in a lifelike virtual conference rooms and connect access for both guests and administered users.
  • Works on already existing computers, laptops and mobile devices no need for dedicated equipment.
  • Pop shared content on to a separate window or second monitor.
  • No more commuting to dedicated conference rooms.
Let your Mobile devices be your Conference Room
Now available on the popular app platforms for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. Engage in point-to-point or multipoint video conferencing from any location, whether you connect from your office, your home, in transit on wireless broadband or WiFi Connections.
Vidyo Mobile
  • Connect and start meetings from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Real-time panning with pinch-to-zoom functionality that makes participants and sharing of content bigger.
  • Far end camera control of remote VidyoRoom systems.
  • Flexible layout offering up to 4 on screen participants.
  • Multipoint sharing of content.
  • Join and start meetings from anywhere using WiFi or 3/4G connections.
  • High resolution tablets with 3 mega pixel shared content resolution.
  • Quick switching between rare and front cameras.
  • Leave the room without leaving a conference.
Now Room Systems available on Software Pricing
Fraction of the cost of tradition group solutions. Install Ultra HD capable groups’ solutions on general purpose computing platforms.
  • Up to Ultra High Definition 4k video, transmitting up to 1080p @ 60fps.
  • Render Ultra High Definition shared content in native resolution.
  • Install on existing computers and run using any broadband.
  • USB PTZ Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e and Sony EVI-HD7V.
  • Share variable content including but not limited to video clips up to 1080p @ 30fps.
  • Cost effective and quick deployments with one seamless 4k display or up to two 1080p displays.
  • Self-service with calendar integration and click to connect meeting cards.
  • Customize experiences for fineness and excellence over various networks.
  • Conferences with users using a wide range of endpoints.
  • Integrates with existing security policies.
Datasheet - VidyoRoom SE | Datasheet - VidyoRoom HD-40 | Datasheet - VidyoRoom HD-230