EVC-Series Video

Aver’s EVC-series is designed to make high definition video conferencing in Pakistan
hassle-free and cost effective.

EVC-Series Video Conferencing

The Aver EVC series in Pakistan offer not just compatibility but also easy-to-deploy video conferencing and high-definition video quality. It is true that businesses these days find it quite difficult to get their virtual meetings delivered in a professional and productive manner. They look for a system that can hook up multiple parties, share HD content, deliver high quality video streaming, and more. If you are also looking for such high quality systems, consider your wish granted. Aver video conferencing in Pakistan lets you delivery high definition video conferencing experience to all the participants.

The Aver EVC video conferencing unit lets you enjoy virtual meetings, collaboration sessions or conferences through a well-designed camera, HD content sharing, cloud compatibility and much, much more. Aver EVC is available for every small and medium size business in Pakistan as it offers a cost-effective VC solution. The Aver EVC series is pretty easy to deploy wherever you want. So, come straight to Imagetech Solution and get Aver’s cutting-edge video conferencing systems.


The Aver EVC high definition video conferencing brought to you by Imagetech Solution include the Aver EVC 910/310/315/150 series that offer best zooming capability, high definition resolution, fast FPS and more.

Aver EVC910


EVC910 is an optimal choice for boardroom video conferencing. It comes with 18x Total Zoom, Up to 1080 @ 30fps, and more.

Aver evc310


The 310 lets you conduct video conferences with up to 4 parties and all in HD video quality. The VC also offers 1080p PTZ Camera & 18x Zoom, Real-time Screen Sharing, etc.

Aver EVC150


Comes with built-in compatibility, the EVC150 allows you to hook up H.323 legacy equipments and conduct video conferencing even on mobile devices.

Aver EVC130


It comes with 1080p PT HD Camera, 2 Display Outputs, 1 Video Inputs, Remote API and RS232, and multiple codec support.