VidyoRoom™ HD-3

VidyoRoom HD3 breaks all boundaries to deliver corporate with the cutting-edge video conferencing
technology and ultra high resolution experience.

VidyoRoom™ HD-3

Getting your meetings deliver via 4K screens will never be a dream anymore with VidyoRoom HD3.

Why corporate seek video conferencing solutions? To not only deliver the right meeting experience but also to make sure that crucial business ideas are delivered over virtual meetings effectively. It is therefore important that the VC solution you look for must be able to achieve that goal. Great news for you…VidyoRoom HD3 is built to deliver just that.

VidyRoom HD 3 comes with the powerful ability to offer dual 4K screens thereby giving the participants a truly high definition feed which is perfect for group collaborations. Best of all, VidyoRoom HD 3 is completely compatible with both on-premise as well as cloud video conferencing mediums.

VidyoRoomTM HD-3

Offers 4K high-resolution video that can be further extended to dual 4K displays.

Lets 16 participants per screen.

Flexible layouts for both content and participants.

High flexibility with different end-point devices.

Share contents to multiple points.

Fast and easy deployment on up to four 1080p screens.

Feature rich remote control options.

Integration with professional audio and USB PTZ Logitech® GROUP.

Advanced SVC (UCIF Mode 2s).