Empower your business with cutting-edge IP voice telephony network and gears with Grandstream..

IP Voice Telephony in Pakistan

IP Voice Telephony

Access Grandstream’s IP phone systems with IMAGETECH Solution. Every business wants to save its communication cost as well as bring more features and functionalities to communication systems across departments so as to increase productivity. VoIP telephone systems are the technological wonders that allow you businesses to achieve what they have always dreamed of. Grandstream brings a range of IP phone systems to businesses including Small Business IP Phone, Enterprise IP Phone and Mid-Range IP Phone.

Grandstream IP phone systems allow businesses to utilize the true potential of businesses communication and deliver the best. With IP phones, businesses can conduct easy multi-way conferencing, video calling, handling large call volumes, connecting calls to the right person, knowing call status and much more. Grandstream IP voice telephony in Pakistan is only available through Imagetech Solution which is the authorized distributor of all Grandstream’s product range. Moreover, we will help you all the way when it comes to choosing the right IP phone system and installing in your office.

Our Products

Grandstream product range extends to Small Business IP Phones, Enterprise IP Phones, Mid-Range IP Phones and more. Our IP phones offer dozens of features and powerful functionalities that are built to meet the specific needs of every business.

high end ip phones

High End IP Phones

These IP Phones are built to meeting the calling needs of large organizations and corporate entities.

basic ip phones

Basic IP Phones

The basic IP Phones, as the name suggests, are built to fulfill the needs of small businesses or startups.

mid range ip phone

Mid-Range IP Phones

The Mid-range IP Phones of Gandstream work perfectly fine for medium size businesses.

Softphone App

Softphone App

The softphone adds more convenience as well as productivity to your business’s telephony.

Extension Modules

Extension Modules

The extension module allows businesses to add more functionality and contacts listing.