Add flexibility to your corporate video conferencing with Vidyo Gateway and
let participants join the meetings with their legacy units.


VidyoGateway allows you to extend and use third-party video and audio endpoints. Extend the life and usage of your already existing H.323 and SIP based systems. It delivers participants resolutions up to 1080p@30fps. Easy to deploy and manage.

Video conferencing is becoming a norm in small businesses to large enterprises. As the VC usage grows in business sectors, the technology demands a solution that would empower it to work smoothly with the new desktop or mobile technologies that are being used to connect to it. Vidyo Gateway is the only means to that solution.

Vidyo Gateway enables businesses to use the high-end features of Vidyo along with the legacy or third-party technologies. With Vidyo Gateway, the participants can easily be able to join in the discussions or meetings using their legacy equipment while also leveraging the advance capabilities of Vidyo. The amazements offer by Vidyo doesn’t end there. The Vidyo Gateway also comes with added capabilities like third-party firewall integration, call control and more.

vidyo gateway

Integrate H.323 and SIP based endpoints. Includes support for H.239 and BFCP content sharing.

Resolutions up to 1080p @30fps.

Improve capacity and resilience through supporting load balancing, clustering and failover.

Available as physical or virtual servers.

Host conferences with third party room systems inside and outside the organization.

An opportunity to extend the life of existing hardware equipment.

Interoperability with third party conferencing end points.

Video streams from H.264/AVC more resilient to packet losses.