Vidyo Portal gives enterprises the powerful capability to manage video conferencing and
support over 100 of users via one intuitive interface.


The VidyoPortal works along with the VidyoRouter to provide and enterprise level management tool available through a browser based interface for ease of use. Administrators get to work easily due to the flexibility and control options provided. All the while the end users find it simple and easy to manage their own conferences.

Enterprises require a one-stop solution for managing their video conferences and providing highest level of support to their users. Vidyo Portal enables companies to manage their boardroom meetings through a single window using a fairly intuitive user interface to moderate on-going video conferencing as well as assisting tens of hundreds of users with great ease.

The best part about Vidyo portal is that businesses of all sizes that standard and large corporate alike can get customize services that meet their unique video conferencing needs.

vidyo portal

Create policies for bandwidth, user accounts, or groups with complete ease.

Set access level from end users to super administrators.

Option for improving security with support for AES encryption.

Hot standby support for enhanced resilience.

Manage Vidyo components in a centralized environment.

It comes with a self-service interface where users can host, join and moderate conferences without any IT support.

Active Directory integration.

Distribute software, moderate conferences and create new reservation less meetings rooms all from a single console.

Manages endpoint software upgrades and licensing capacity.