Record and stream your video conferences with a single click.


VidyoReplay allows viewers to watch conferences on their desktops or mobile devices in real-time or any time after a conference.

Video conferences usually include boardroom meetings or collaboration sessions. It is not always important to be a meeting participant to get involved. You can also watch the meetings in real-time without participation or you can also watch the live recording later. All it is possible with VidyoReplay. Watch live video conferences or recordings at your convenience with Replay.

VidyoReplay is a great asset not just for corporate sectors but also all the other sectors alike. The amazing technology can be put to use in healthcare sector for providing consultancy that the patient can watch anytime. Be it employee orientation, customer support or educational lectures, VidyoReplay is the ideal application to use.

Video Replay

Record conferences even the shared content along with audio and video from all the participants.

Stream live conferences or recordings on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Download the recordings in .mp4 file format to edit with standard tools.

Improve resilience and capacity by supporting failover, clustering and load balancing.

No shortage of video/content storage due to Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Deliver amazing VidyoReplay experience on your website

Get instant access to your video recording from your desktop, mobile or laptop