VidyoRouter is unlike any MCU which may cause bottlenecks and create a
stress induced conferencing experience.


VidyoRouter optimizes video streams to each and every conference participant providing them with a lag free and seamless experience.

Buying experience legacy MCUs and installing them in the office or other physical branch can be not only hectic but also quite heavy on your company’s budget. It is time to put MCUs aside and bring state-of-the-art VidyoRouter to your office for a hassle-free, cost-effective and high quality video conferencing experience.

VidyoRouter’s transcode free technology allows smooth performance as well as quick switching over an IP network. The router is more efficient than legacy MCUs in that you get to enjoy high quality multipoint video conferencing without any delay or pixilated image quality. Best of all, it can run up to 100 HD connections simultaneously.


Resolutions matching up to 4k at 60fps per endpoint.

Maximum capacity of 150 HD connections per physical appliance or 100 connections per virtual appliance.

Maintains HD conferences over links with diverse bandwidths and up to 20 packet losses.

Allow multiple participants in a conference.

Dynamic adaptions allows optimization of quality and bandwidth efficiency for all conference participants.

Support hundreds or thousands of more concurrent connections by upgrading capacity easily.

Support conferences from any endpoint such as conference rooms, computers and mobile devices.

The transcode free technology eliminates latency.